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Title: “Guys I know Kung Fu”

Title: “Guys I know Kung Fu”
Pairing/s: Chuck/Casey
Fandom: Chuck
Rating: R
Warnings: Spoilers for 2x22, Angst
Beta: None
Con-crit: Yes
Disclaimers: I don't own anything from Chuck Universe. Includes merchandise, franchise, collector items, Characters etc.
Summary: This is my take on what could happen after episode 2x22. All spelling/grammar are my own mistakes. First ever Chuck Fic.



“Guys I know kung fu” whispered a startled Chuck before falling to the floor, John and Sarah were started out of the staring at the dead bodies around them before running over to Chuck, Sarah pulling his head onto her lap, while Casey checked his pulse

“We need get a medical team in here now” Casey shouted into his ear piece that was cracker ling signifying that the transmission was being sent to another team of black-ops outside.

“His pulse is weak and slow”

“Did you see what he did?”

“He uploaded the new intersect into himself, he never listens to us when we tell him to run and get help” Casey smirked

Before Sarah can even respond, Chuck started to move, his limbs started jerking around so much that his body was slamming against the floor hard enough for even Sarah to wince. Casey moved on top Chuck settled his whole body on his, moving his hands to grip Chucks forearms and entwining both their legs to keep Chuck from hurting himself and hurting them as well with Sarah holding tightly onto his head.

“Where are the medics?” Sarah agonised watching as blood started to drip out of his nose, ears, mouth and it looked like he was crying tears of blood.

The door to the room slid open and the black-ops team swopped in with the medics, who upon arrival looked at the bodies

“They’re all dead, Chuck needs help” Casey shouted over, using his whole body weight to press down as Chuck started to fit more erratically  nearly pushing him off as he bucked wildly. The team swooped in and like a well oiled machine Casey moved off and the team took over holding Chuck down with some effort and then he stopped, blood still dripping from everywhere. Casey pulled Sarah away while the medics got Chuck suited up and out of the room ready to be taken to a government medical facility. Both Casey and Sarah looked at each other before running out following the cart.

-Two weeks later-

“Headache” a whimper arose, Casey sat up from where he was doing a puzzle and looked over to the bed that held his asset hooked up to every machine possible and some that properly weren’t even real

“Chuck” Casey said softly, grabbing hold of his hand and lightly stroking it with his thumb.

“Casey” A sliver of blue iris focused on Casey’s green before shutting quickly with a moan

“Common Chuck, wake-up. It’s been boring without you disobeying orders and not listening to you talk about sandwiches for hours on end” Casey Whispered

“Casey, where am I?” chucks eyes had opened again and focused once again onto Casey’s face eyes tracking the dark smudges and soft expression with a hint of relief

“You’re in a government medical facility just outside DC after you had some adverse effects to downloading the new intersect, and it begs another question why didn’t you go and get help like we asked you”

“I had to help to believe that I could do something right for once, I’ve only been asleep for a few days anyhow so not that bad” Chuck managed a weak grin not noticing the anger that stole across Casey’s face

“Try two weeks Chuck, you were so bad that by the time we got you to the medical centre, you had two blood transfusions and you flat-lined about 5 times, they couldn’t keep the blood in, it just kept pouring out and nobody knew what to do, you were so still and paler then the dead” Casey flopped his head down onto the bed breathing heavily while Chuck was in a state of shock and not fully comprehending before putting all his effort to moving his hand on top of Casey’s head and stoking his hair.

“I’m sorry, but I’m here and getting better, you don’t have to worry” Casey turned his head, a few tears falling onto the bed

“It’s not just that, I’m compromised. I’ve been on missions where I’ve seen torture and some truly nightmare things, but I can’t get you out of my mind” Casey mumbled into the bed sheets

Chuck processed all this into his mind, he had always been attracted to Casey //John// there was something primal between them, but Sarah was ordered by them to be his girlfriend so Chuck had locked all those feelings away and concentrated on trying to make it work with Sarah even though they both knew that it wouldn’t work, they in the beginning were in-love with each other but over the last few months it was glaringly obvious that they were in-love with having the idea of what each other stands for, Chuck as somebody she could settle and have a normal life with, and Sarah as somebody that fit into heterosexual lifestyle everybody expected him to have and very fun to be around, but there was too many secrets between them both and not enough substance to get over all the bumps in that line of road.

“Does Ellie know I’m here? What’s happened to her? Where’s Sarah?” Chuck inquired shaken out of his mood by Casey nuzzling his hand that had fallen to the side of his face

“Go to sleep Chuck, I’ll tell you when you’re more awake” Casey said back a sigh of contentment escaping from his lips

“Tell me now, I’m awake” Chuck argued back, ignoring for the time being the soft stubble that Casey had and the soft skin of his face

“You’ll be fast asleep in a few seconds because of the sedative” Casey laughed back and that was the last thing that he saw before the world went black again.

-2 days later-

“He woke up a few days ago General for a few minutes before going out like a light ......... yes as soon as he is awake I will tell you ............. Yes I will pass on your message to him......... Thank you General” A phone was snapped shut and that was what fully arouses Chuck from the black to leave him staring up at the ceiling noting that the only things connected to him was an IV drip and a heart monitor before finally a face that was worried but also with relief.

“Afternoon sleeping beauty” a deep and rough voice sounded before the head of the bed was moved up so he could see the room, Chuck took his time looking around the non-descript room with white walls, no windows and a mirror on the other side which was a way for the doctors to look in.

“Chuck, you with me?” the voice sounded again slight worry tinged in it

Chuck could hear the voice at the back of his conscious but he couldn’t have answered if he wanted to, something was controlling his movements as limited as they were, pictures were zooming up in front of him telling him where they were, blueprints, how many doctors/nurses were here shift-rota’s and all the other things that could help if need to get out as soon as possible

“Chuck” the voice now sounded quite alarmed, Chuck felt his head moved and then it all clicked, this wasn’t him that was thinking all of the contingency plans in the world but the Intersect. As soon as Chuck caught Casey’s eyes the Intersect filled in on what happened as soon as he joined the army at 18 all the missions, all the black-ops and even a way to take him down //Left vertebra, 3rd rib up was structurally weak after taking two bullets in Japan or the soft spot behind the knee after being blown up in India// Chuck felt his head snap to the side which seem to jolt the Intersect out of the driver’s seat and into the back of the mind humming quietly

“Chuck, if you don’t tell me what’s happening, I’m not afraid to tranquilise you again” A rough voice spoke from above him, where Casey had moved onto the bed to kneel over him, hands pushing his shoulders back like Chuck had been moving to get out of bed.

“I’m here John” Chuck spoke quietly, freaking out over the new Intersect controls

“What happened? You woke up and you weren’t there, just your eyes tracking movement as if there was a threat” Casey spoke back, Chuck shifted more to the side of the bed and pushed Casey to the side of him instead, Casey allowed himself to be pushed and ended up with Chuck resting his head on his shoulder and moving his hand onto Casey’s leg.

“What did they do to the Intersect?”

“What do you mean?”

“I can feel the Intersect in the back of my mind waiting to take control, that’s what it was doing, It was accessing the danger and planning routes out of here, giving me information to take down you” Chuck whispered before pushing his face into Casey’s neck and breathing in his scent, making him feel safe for the first time in a while.

“It’ll be okay Chuck, I will be here to help you”

“What about Sarah? And what have you told Ellie and Awesome?” Chuck quickly said

“NSA paid a visit to them and told them that we had recruited you for a job and you would be out of the country for some time, we have sent postcards from you to her so she doesn’t get worried and of course I still speak to her as we had to make up a cover story that I’ve been re-drafted to the army again. As for Agent Walker that’s a bit difficult...” Casey mumbled off and looked towards the side where a get well card was sitting on the nightstand from the General.

“Why’s it difficult?” Chuck quietly sounded stroking Casey’s leg with his thumb already slightly knowing the answer from the information the Intersect was giving him

“She was taken into questioning, and the agent in charge said something about Bryce and their past missions together that were neither nice nor even true and she went at the Agent, who is still in a coma. It was decided that she became compromised over you and all that’s happened so they gave her a choice of a desk job or an assignment out the country.”

“But we can still talk to her and everything” Chuck excitedly said even though the Intersect was giving him the handbook on this type of eventuality //Agents are excused from sleeping together as long as the understanding that missions can involve seducing an outside party and sometimes going beyond the call of duty to get the desired results. An example of this is in the mission log codename CITRON// The intersect was reeling off the information and Chuck connected the dots that the mission involved fit of jealousy that lead to 20 civilians and 5 Agents dead making two Rogue Agents that were caught a few years ago and eliminated but not before blowing up quite a number of people in Baghdad. Chuck was woken from his daydream by Casey gripping his forearm and slightly shaking him, before Chuck could tell that it wasn’t a threat the Intersect had flipped onto Casey, ripping out the IV’s in his hand and pinning him down with a needle that was on the side ready for his next dose to Casey’s neck.

“Chuck, it’s me” Casey was looking up at him faintly alarmed. Chuck pushed forward to the driving seat and immediately flung the needle away moving to back up before Casey pulled him down on top of him and started to rock with him

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t control it, I’m sorry” Chuck mumbled into Casey’s neck holding on tightly, crying hard but silently on him.

“shhhhh , It’s okay, I will always be there for you, just got to train you up a bit, I will always be there for you, always, shhhhh” Casey whispered back kissing him slightly on the side of his face and continued to make comforting noises, promising to every known god and deity that he will be there and help Chuck.

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