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Title: Gold Iris - Chapter 1/?

Title: Gold Iris - Chapter 1/?
Author: suellen128
Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with this show, characters etc. tho if I did.........
Characters: Ianto/Jack, Ref to old team members, OC's
Warnings: ref to COE, M/M
Rating: R
Beta: no, but do need one
Summary: Ianto and Jack go to space
Author's notes: This is a sort of follow-up to my story “Another Life”.

“Jack, Jack” Ianto called out banging on the door that was the bathroom in their cabin (Jack said room, but it's so small that it was barely room for both of them)

“What?” Jack finally opened the door in his grey flight suit, no steam coming out even although Jack just had a shower (Always freaked him out on some small level)

“Captain said we were nearing the hospital in Palisade system on Caelta Prime” Ianto smiled softly, hoping that they can help with the sometimes blinding pain he has in his joints

“Good” Jack smiled sweetly before gathering Ianto up into a passionate kiss, sliding his hand down his clothed body and slowly rubbing Ianto's leg where the pain was always intense, Ianto forgot everything and wrapped his arms around his neck, falling deeper into the embrace. A bang startled them out and he would have fallen if Jack hadn't held on to him, Ianto sighed before balancing on one leg to pick up his ornate cane hissing as his ribs were bending, Jack made an aborted move to help before stopping remembering the fight they had after mere moments of being on-board for always treating Ianto as glass, then he knew the exact moment Jack remembered the extreme make-up sex that had even the captain (green-skinned with an extra eye, that was a definite shock for the first couple of times, but he never let on he wasn't just a junior administer at TW1) blushing a darker green and smirking for the first couple of days.

“All packed?” Jack asked quietly, smiling softly over the memories of the past week
“Yes” Ianto took a quick glance around the small light blue metal room with one bed and 2 backpacks with a sad smile across his face, he was going to miss this small ship, working with the blue-skinned doctor (Jack trying to get him to say Healer, but gave up after a few hours), as Jack worked his magic in the engine room for the passage.

“Your going to love it, all the places I can show you” Jack had a dreamy smile, Ianto was stunned at the carefree childlike look, and secretly pleased he got to see that look obviously earth held a lot of painful memories.

They both picked up their backpacks and started to walk to the transportation room, getting small presents along the way from people on-board (Ianto got a intergalactic watch and a kiss from a tentacled purple blob who served as the cook, which had Jack growling under his breath).

Soon they were set down at the hospital's transportation place, Ianto gritted his teeth in pain at the change in gravity and the hard landing, leaning on Jack for some support breathing heavily into his shoulder while Jack rubbed his back in sympathy before they set off to the front desk, where a cat in a nurses outfit sat typing on a board (Jack said it was a computer and expected him to look excited, sadly it didn't have the effect and threw a tiny paddy, much to the amusement of the rest of the ship)  as they got to the desk, she looked up and smiled, fangs peeping through.

“Hello, welcome to Hospital 129, how may we help?”
“yes, would like to admit Ianto Harkness in the non-catchment virus ward” Jack took over the speaking for him (They decided to stick with their own names and to be married, Jack got all excited and preceded to go all out with the rings, white gold with one single diamond that was cut from his travels with The Doctor, and the inscription on the back, Mau Enaid )
“Yes, that's done, and its on ward 4, floor 3” said the cat with the name-badge Kate
“Thank you” Jack smiled back and Ianto gave his own wobbly smile

Jack pulled him along to the lift's, which were ultra clean and highly lit
“Just to warn you, these lifts decontaminate before you get to the ward” They got in and Jack repeated the ward numbers

“Decontamination stage 1 in progress” a woman's voice sounded, Jack held onto him while water rushed over them, making him cough
“Decontamination stage 1 over, stage 2 in progress” Wind suddenly blow out into the lift, drying all the water (“Special type of Saline” shouted Jack)
“Decontamination stage 2 over, Have a nice day” the lift doors opened onto a white corridor with pretty lights and through the frosted glass was an open ward like room with nurses buzzing around between shower-curtain like sheets separating patients and Jack pulled i'm out to another cat standing outside the ward waiting for them

“Hello, I'm head matron Cassius”
“Hello, My husband was attacked by the being's 456” Jacks face got a little stormy “He was given the breath cure but the poison is still in the system” Jack repeated to the matron while they were being led to a comfy looking bed just by the window which had a spectacular view of the coast (green sand, white sea and blue waves) Ianto tried not to stare at the patients in the bed, recognising some of the conditions from the medical database on-board the ship.

“hmmm Yes, we would need to run some tests and think of the best saline's to help” the matron walked away and brought back 2 other nurses and a hand-held machine which looked like a simple PA pad. The nurses helped him get settled on the bed, Jack looked pained as he was told to stay out the way, the matron ran the machine over his body, and tutted at random points where the screen lit up red.

“hmmm, I can see the problem” the matron muttered. Jack leapt over to where she was standing and looked at the screen, his face crumbling at what he was reading. Ianto looked alarmed and tried to get up, before being pushed down gently by a nurse

“What is it, what's happening, Jack?” Ianto heard himself say
“It's okay baby, its okay” Jack moved round and curled himself round his shoulders, looking at the matron
“Mr Harkness, the virus that has infected you is trailing around your body in a slow manner, which is why your getting the pain, as it attacks your blood cells turning them dead and moving to block up certain blood vessels causing a slow and painful death”

Ianto sat their stunned and feeling really faint, Jack pushed his head towards himself and kissed him lightly on his head, nose then lips, Ianto could taste the sadness and love in it, before breaking off and looking back at the matron who had a look of aww on her face (well it seemed like that, its hard to tell on a cats face)

“Luckily you came to us now, before it got too bad we have to start a medical course, although its going to be painful, as it will push out the blood and we will have to do a blood transfusion with the species Basilica as they have the most resistant blood cells to this type of illness”  matron continued with an air of silent encouragement

Jack jolted when she mentioned that species as Jack also had some of their blood from being the product of generations of cross-breeding, (Ianto remembered when Jack literally ran away when he told thinking that Ianto would kill him, till he got jumped upon and kissed to within an inch of his life) Jack gave a nod to the matron and she burst into action getting the drips ready in Ianto's left arm and sticking multi-coloured IV bags up, watching them filter down into his veins as well as hooking up a few other machines to him, all the way Jack was talking quietly to him about his life as a child keeping his focus on himself to stop Ianto from thinking about the pain.

“We are going to have to put you to sleep for a while, the next process is a bit more painful” matron interrupted brusquely

A nurse came over and held a gun like shape to his neck, Jack whispered “It's okay, I'll be here when you wake up” kissing him lightly, Ianto felt a cold slide down his body before closing his eyes and falling into the welcoming blackness with a picture of Jacks smiling face.

Slowly light started to filter in through the blackness, piercing it with it's intensity. Ianto could feel his limbs start working again and strangely without the pain he felt every time he woke up, wondering where he was and how did he get here, Ianto opened his eyes to the startling whiteness of the ceiling blinding him for a few seconds, before turning his head to look at the man with dark brown silky hair resting his head on the bed, he moved his arm that felt like a dead weight to stroke the man's head feeling a strange sort of love and contentment within himself, then the memories came rushing back, bringing with it the reason why he was here and how he got here,

“Jack, Jack” Ianto coughed at the sudden dryness of his throat.

Jack jumped up, the sheet leaving a patten on his cheek were it was scrunched up, seeing Ianto awake his face lit up into a beautiful smile with blue eyes sparkled in happiness and relief before moving onto the bed, curling over him, holding Ianto to his shoulder, kissing every inch of his face, Ianto smiled before coughing when he tried to speak, Jack immediately realising the problem let him sip some soothing water.

“Ianto, your awake!”
“How long was I out for?”
“A week earth time, there was a few complications” Jack's voice went sad at that point
“Complications?” Ianto held on tighter, burrowing his head into Jack's shoulder and smelling the 51st century pheromones feeling content with it.
“when they tried to transfer some of the Basilica blood into you, your own blood cells started to reject it, causing the poison to travel round very quick, to try and save you they had to do a complete blood transfusion, and change the shape of your heart to cope with the density of the new blood” Jack was staring off into the window, where it was early dusk but had the lights of 3 moons casting a beautiful glow over everything and the sand glinting like crystals.
“Oh, and how has that affected me?” Ianto like to know all the facts and got cross when people didn't tell him (noticeably when Gwen didn't tell him that his sister had called 6 times in one day, while he was out getting some weevils, because Jhonny was in hospital and she needed someone to look after the kids, he made her pay for that for a very long time, making her go to Jack and realising for the first time that Jack loved him)

“Well Mr Harkness, it's good to see you awake. The Basilica blood is pure black but when mixed it goes to the original blood colour, but as of the complications something in your genetic code rejected the blood so we had to change you on a molecular level to accept the blood and as of now your blood is purely Basilica because of this your heart was enlarged by 5cm to cope with the density, you will also have improved stamina” the matron smiled and looked sad at the same time

“That sounds all good, but what about the bad points” Ianto interrupted knowing that nothing this good can be all true.

“Well we had to change your status to 60% human, which in some parts of the quadrant you are not allowed to travel through. You must have every 10 years a special IV that will allow you to continue living, you will never look older then this for the rest of your life and you will be especially attractive to the Wqunnit species as a desirable breed-mate (“looks like a Black Bear from Earth” Jack whispered), also your iris's are now permanently changed to gold” the matron then held up a mirror and Ianto took it before immediately noticing that his eyes were white on the outside but everything else was a deep gold.

The matron picked up the same machine from the beginning and ran it over his body noticing that no red lights appeared on the screen, before writing something on the PA like system and moving off. Jack sighed an breathed in his scent

“You smell different” Ianto flinched and curled in on himself, before Jack forcibly pushed him into his chest.
“I love you and nothing will change that, also she didn't mention that the Basilica live longer then the average humans by about 300 years” Jack was smiling in his voice
Ianto leaned up and began kissing his neck and chin, before reaching up and dragging Jack's lips to his own. Jack sighed and pushed against his mouth and body pushing them flat against the bed, where Ianto discovered he only had a sheer thin gown on, he made a shocked squeak before Jack ran his hand down his hip moving his legs to be entwined with his own.

“Go to sleep Ianto” Jack mimed against his lips, Ianto lifted his swollen red lips off and snuggled on top of him
“love you Jack, through life and death” Ianto whispered sleepily
“I love you Ianto, my soul” Jack whispered back moving their hands together so the rings were touching before closing his own eyes.

A/N -  Mau Enaid – roughly translated to My Soul

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