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Title: Gold Iris - Chapter 2/?

Title: Gold Iris - Chapter 2/?

Author: suellen128

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with this show, characters etc. tho if I did.........

Characters: Ianto/Jack, Ref to old team members, OC's

Warnings: ref to COE, M/M, Extreme Torture

Rating: R

Summary: Ianto and Jack go to space

Author's notes: This is a sort of follow-up to my story “Another Life”.

Iantooooo” Jack whined stretching out his limbs wearing only tight black swim-shorts

Jack I'm trying to read”

But I'm bored”

You wanted to come to the beach”

I know, but we haven't gone swimming” Jack smirked and turned over on his sheet (a towel but with technology that sucks the sand from the body without feeling a thing)

They were sitting on the green sand, on a glorious day with the 2 suns shining brightly and the aliens around them soaking up the sun and playing in the white water, like any sunny and hot day at Bournemouth. It has been a week since Ianto woke up and got told the news of what happened, Jack was being a bit unbearable in hovering around and making sure Ianto didn't do a thing, this was the first day that he had been strong enough to cope with going outside so Jack took him to the beach (That resulted in their first major argument, until the yellow alien suffering from a diabetes like illness next to him named Clive shouted at them for being too loud and that Jack should lay off the mother-hen complex, Jack went bright red which resulted in many hours of laughter) Laying there under the sun, Ianto felt relaxed letting the sun soak into his body, taking hint of Jacks form and wearing just red swim-shorts reading a book about the diseases that often effect the Basilica species

Jack, we will go swimming in a while”

But why not nowwww” Jack whined more

You sound like a child” Ianto still just reading his book

Before the book was tossed aside and Ianto felt himself being pushed down onto the sheet covered by Jack, who was smiling down at him

But you love me anyway”

Yes I do Mau Enaid, but I was reading the book” Ianto frowned back up

You've been reading all week, and I've missed you” Jack fondly said while nuzzling his nose against Ianto's

I've missed you too........ Fine lets go into the water” Ianto gave up objecting and just allowed himself to be kissed,

Jack got up graceful and pulled Ianto with him, steadying him when Ianto near stumbled, looking into his eyes Ianto saw the love and worry so just laid his head on his shoulder. Looking over to an bright pink human shaped alien which had 4 claw like shapes coming out of it's sides, with about 4 of it's children running around having fun, he smiled, and the alien looked up saw them both and the smile and gave him a wave and a smile in return before retuning to its children. Jack pulled him into a bridal style carry, tickling him as they got closer to the water (Ianto laughing and pleading for Jack to put him down) walking into the water, Jack let Ianto slid down his body and as his feet touched the white milky water, he shivered at its coolness, but still pleasantly warm. Jack took his hand and walked them into the water was waist height before pulling out a multi-flashing beach ball that inflated when he pressed a button on the side.

Do I want to know where that was?” Ianto raised an eyebrow

The water shorts have a pocket in it, It's still to early for you to be doing that kind of activity” Jack smirked back

Wasn't thinking anything, but I miss you in every way that I could physically and emotionally can, especially in a physical way” Ianto replied letting his welsh accent bleed in with a needy voice

Ianto, you don't know what that voice does to me” Jack groaned and closed his eyes, his hands squeezing the ball

I know” Ianto smirked and took the ball going further away

Jack opened his eyes and growled at him before Ianto threw the ball to him. That's how they spent the afternoon before going back to the Hospital and curling up on the bed to the amusement of the other patients and nurses.

That was the last good memory of Jack for a while

Ianto looked out of the see-through cell wall at the scientists that were gathered outside it with PA writing system that was the same on Caelta Prime, completely covered head to toe in white cloth, except for their eyes, that was the most chilling, they were pure black. Ianto sighed and moved from the bench onto the bed, he was wearing nothing but a gown like the hospital one but different colour, and black patches were stuck randomly to his skin in an odd criss-cross patten, and once in a while delivered shocks to his system that were so bad, he was given an injection that was full of nano bites to help with the bleeding from the ripped skin (He knew from the only few words they spoke to him, in a strange and guttural tone).

He could feel the tingling across his skin and the slight pulling sensation where the black patches were, and Ianto knew that he it was another round of the painful burning sensation. Ianto quickly laid on the floor an none too soon, the pain had built up into a scream as soon as he let the pain overcome him, the smell of blood and tears forced him into the black place in his mind.

“Ianto, Ianto” He felt arms curl around his body, and a masculine smell which held 51st century markers in it. Ianto opened his eyes but could not see anything, he whimpered and the arms tightened.

“Ianto, I'm so sorry” the voice chocked back, the memories soon returned lightening the darkness, with random clips of smiling people, jealous people and crying people, the good memories with Tosh, Owen and him decorating the Christmas tree singing Christmas carols while Jack was dressed as Santa Claus but looked horridly bad on him, but then again the bad memories of Gwen slipping a aphrodisiac into Jack's food and trying to kill himself by 'accidentally' spraying him with special BBQ protein sauce.

“Ianto, Ianto listen to me!” a sharp worried voice broke him from his musings.

“Jack” Ianto's voice weak and tired responded.

“Ianto, god what did they do to you. I'm trying to get out of here as soon as I can, then they will pay” Jack's voice sounded resolute.

“Where are we? How are you communicating with me?” he felt his mind come more together and recognised the feeling whenever he seem to have intense sex with Jack (Jack always claimed it was his imagination but you couldn't not spot the pleased and awed look in his eyes when he mentioned it to him)

“I've finally found a way to get through the psych net to get through to you, I can feel the remnants of what they did to you, which allowed me to have a better grip on our connection. I've been put into a general prison by the Basilica and I'm assuming you're in a laboratory. The guards are coming, I love you Mau Enaid. Stay strong for me” Jack answered back before cutting off the connection with a sharp pop.

Ianto slowly woke up to pain and tiny shudders in his body, from the aftermath of the shocks and came face-to-face with Gwen. Ianto quickly scooted back into the corner from what ever it was and noticed that he was still in the laboratory. The thing that was wearing Gwen's face was smiling dangerously wearing a thick layer of make-up, tight clothes which were two sizes too small to be good. It stalked forward.

“What do you want with me, and why are you wearing that body image” Ianto whispered, throat raw from screaming earlier.

“You were able to assimilate all the Basilica DNA and it didn't revert, we want to know why. Our race is dying and to be able to crack your genetic code could mean salvation. I picked this from your mind as it has the most feelings of dislike and annoyance tied with it, we don't want you to think you have a chance to escape or even to stop our investigations, you owe us and we attend to be paid in full, maybe even with your own life” the Basilica said all the while smiling and (maybe it was Ianto's fevered mind playing tricks) let out a sigh of desire when Ianto twisted wrong and whimpered in pain, the Basilica walked out the see-through glass sealing up behind his back.

- maybe seconds or minutes or hours or days or months or maybe even years later -

Ianto had countless more procedures some done in pain, some done in desire (He always screamed for Jack, his Enaid) , or some weren't worth any notice. Although what he did notice was that the guards who regularly come in to help him eat or just to stop him fighting the scientists were always kind and gentile as if they were sorry for all the things that happened.

Then suddenly the last test was more painful then ever before, left alone in his room with scientists watching from the outside, the pain built up more and more before long Ianto was screaming and tears pouring out of his eyes, when blue flashing lights came on and the guards rushed in and he heard some words while losing himself into the white abyss

“.... crying”

“.. is.........pain”


“... sacred!”


Then blackness fell around his eyes.

“Mau Enaid, you've got to wake up” He heard Jack call out

“Jack it hurts so much” Ianto whispered back, feeling ready to go and never come back.

“Ianto I know its painful, but I've come out with the details and I'm getting ready to do it” Jack sounded hurried

“How long have we been away?” Ianto asked astonished that it was all sorted out

“12 days since we were taken from the bed in hospital, led by one of the nurses who was helping you recover because her lover was a Basilica who had died so she was very sympathetic to their cause“ Jack sighed before kissing Ianto on the lips in the dark and disappearing with the bond that popped out of existence.

Ianto woke up on top of the bed in his darkened room, the area spotless where he knew he was sick. A sudden noise alerted him to a presence in his room, turning over onto his side, a figure came rushing out of a sealed panel in the corner of the room, where it took one look at him and proceeded to move into the dim light, kneel by his bed and kiss him passionately. It all happened so first that Ianto was confused who was it, before the slight increase of pheromone waves hit him and he realised it was Jack, surrendering his whole body into Jack's arms. Jack broke off from him and rested his head on Ianto's sharing the same air.

“I love you, Mau Enaid” Jack whispered against his lips

“I love you too, Mau Enaid” Ianto mouthed back

They both sighed and then the urgency of why they were here, came back to the front of their minds and both stood up, Ianto leaned against Jack not being fully able to stand up on his own, as suddenly as the moment began it ended with a red flashing light, and the doors
to the room unsealed with a team of guards streaming in, before stopping and raising their weapons to the couple still in each other arms and a look of shock on their faces........

A/N - Mau Enaid – roughly translated to My Soul

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