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Fic: Add One Gwen and One Volcano with a pinch of obsession you’ll make a delicious situation

Title: Add One Gwen and One Volcano with a pinch of obsession you’ll make a delicious situation. PART 1/2
Rating:  R
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh, Owen.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from either Universe's. Includes merchandise, franchise, collector items, Characters etc.
Summary: “Of course I will do anything for you”
Warning: Gwen Bashing.

A/N: Written for the cooper Vs volcano challenge for AGA. This is only 1 of 2 chapters, next chapter will be posted late on the 12th (GMT). All my mistakes are my own.


“Gwen……Gwen….GWEN” Jack was holding her in his arms on a pure white silk bed sheet, arching above her and looking down at her with desire shimmered eyes, the room sparkled in the morning light, the waves crashing outside wafting the smell of beauty that the sea air brings.

Gwen sighed and was leaning up to kiss him as he settled between her legs, when a sharp pinch jolted her

“What the...” Gwen suddenly realized she was standing next to her desk, her hands gripping a mans black suit covered shoulders and her lips puckered for a kiss, she raised her eyes a bit and was staring into a shocked and frankly disgusted face of Ianto Jones, the resident receptionist/butler/concierge/elegantly suited man and fellow oddball of the rag-tag team of Torchwood three.

Two sets of gruff laughing and one female giggling coming from another corner in the grey, metal beam and wire exposed workplace named formally as the hub, Gwen quickly released Ianto and pushed him away, causing him to nearly fall from the metal grating that ran right through the main work area in their super secret base of their not so secret organization.

Gwen turned to her left, and saw a petite Toshiko, the techno geek of the group, sitting on her chair resting her elbows on the clear glass work desk, giggling behind her hand moving her shiny black hair in front of her glasses and a pink tinge resting along her accented cheeks. Scowling at her before turning to the loudest gruff laughing

Owen, the Doctor/Coroner/Surgeon/Geneticist of the group who was laying on the floor his eyes screwed up and mouth open smiling in a laughing fit, his feet dangling down the steps which led into a small white autopsy room and general treatment room.  

“Jaaaaack, their being mean to me” Gwen said in a sultry voice, turning to pout she looked up the stairs at Jack leaning against the door frame of his office, his tall well-built sculpted body curling in itself from laughing heavily, blue eyes stared at her in mirth. This man has always been the leader/confidant/sometimes psychiatrist to the group that makes up Torchwood three.

Jack straightened up and the amusement look was replaced by a look of business. He started walking down the stairs passing Toshiko who had returned to her Alien translation language program, and Owen who had stopped laughing and was walking towards Tosh to have a prime view of the show about to commence.

“Gwen” Jack had stopped in front of her, she noticed Ianto gave him a lovesick look before wandering off to go do what ever he did when he wasn’t with them, (poor Ianto, too dumb to realize that he was just cannon fodder) Gwen thought. Before turning her attention back to Jack his shirt still neat and pressed with his braces hanging off his shoulders always like that when he was at work. Gwen turned her eyes upwards up at him with a look that she knew screamed you know you want a taste of me.

“I have an important mission for you, UNIT asked me to send the best person in my team for this” Jack spoke, (He choose me, he must love me, just got to retcon Rhys and he would declare his love) Gwen’s internal thoughts suggested.

“You know I’ll do anything for you” Gwen smiled sultry up at him pushing her boobs up and out in that red boob tube.

“Yes, well” Jack looked a bit uncomfortable and clearly itching to get away “it’s a all expenses trip paid by UNIT to Iceland, there is a disturbance at the base of Eyjafjallajökull volcano”

“Iceland, but its cold there” Gwen whimpered, Owen snorted in the background and sarcastically said

“No, really Cooper and here I thought it was a tropical island”

“Shut-up Owen, you’re only jealous because Jack has given me an obvious important mission” Gwen sniped back, Jack took a few steps back and motioned Ianto to talk while ticking a checklist on the Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

“Eyjafjallajökull had a minor eruption in 1821. The eruption also caused some small and medium glacier runs and flooding in nearby rivers Markarfljót and Holtsá. The eruptive phase started on 19 and 20 December 1821 by a series of explosive eruptions and continued over the next several days.  After that event the sequence of eruptions continued on a more subdued level until June 1822.

From the end of June until the beginning of August 1822, another sequence of explosive eruptions followed.

The period from August to December 1822 was quieter, but in 1823 it was decided that a team would go to Iceland as there were reports of purple smoke from the volcano.

It was discovered that a group of aliens called ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz ‘“Jack smiled then with a soft pleasure filled sigh said

“Best food in the galaxy” Ianto smiled and shushed him before carrying on speaking from memory, checking off a checklist and handing Gwen things she would need on this trip from Torchwoods stores.

“A group of aliens called ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘ had set up base in the magma chamber below the volcano, they told the group that their planet was very hot and they would freeze in the weather so set up resident in the chamber that holds molten lava below it to keep warm while they fixed their ship. They knew that this planet had no official alien contact so had trouble getting off, but as the team had concluded they were a threat to the planet, the ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘were transported off by a neighboring ship that had heard their distress signal. The team tried to get into the magma chamber to scavenge the ship that was left behind but it was too hot and their equipment didn’t support them in that atmosphere, so the ship was left there. The place was sealed up and records were changed to coincide with the volcano erupting.

So now there are reports of purple smoke raising, and UNIT have asked someone from Torchwood to come to Iceland to give a hand with searching for the magma chamber and checking out the witness’s, interacting on a human level”

“And that’s the reason I hired you Gwen, to be the human face” Jack cut in, with a tone of being sarcastic which went over Gwen’s head

“Of course, I have a life outside Torchwood which you all don’t seem to have” Tosh, Owen, Ianto, Jack all scowled darkly before putting up an impassive mask. “I can’t leave Rhys, we’re married” Gwen moaned, turning to Jack with her puppy dog eyes, Owen, Tosh and Ianto rolling their eyes and silently gagging, with Jack trying to hold in his laughing and lunch at what she thought was cute expression’s but just made you feel pity at her.

“Okay Gwen, you can take Rhys with you as well. He knows our secret and can handle himself in a situation, and we’ll pass it off as a business expense” Gwen squealed and threw herself at Jack, Jack fearing that she would hurt herself caught her, standing stiffly as she snuggled in his arms and even smelt his hair, sighing in pleasure at being in his arms if only for a little bit (Take Rhys to Iceland, no-one would suspect a thing if he met an unfortunate end) Gwen thought before taking another squeeze of Jack pressing her face into his neck then letting go, smiling happily.

“Ahem, you leave with the UNIT team on a military transport for a week”

“Oh a military transport, not first class on a plane?”

“No, UNIT wants you to catch-up more in-depth about the case and they travel that way to save time”

“Okay as long as we get to a good hotel” Gwen day-dreamed about luxury hotels and shopping

“Wrong again, you’ll be on a campsite near the volcano, so make sure to wrap up warm and tell Rhys too as well”

“But Jaaack, you want me to be comfortable, how am I to serve you and help with everything you need as I’m your lady, and how can I do that if I not in a setting which I rub shoulders with the rich and famous” she replied pouting

“GWEN, this is not a holiday this is W-O-R-K … work, you won’t have time for anything like that, and what’s this about you being my lady, I have a leading man and his name is Ianto Jones, the love of my life.” Jack became incensed while Owen led Tosh to the archives to search for something, glancing over his shoulders at a small smile on Ianto’s face and the anger on Jack’s facing the lovesick expression on Gwen’s. He shook his head and hurried along when Tosh called him.

“You’re only using Ianto because I haven’t split up with Rhys yet, he’s only something to fill your time in” Gwen plodded on, trampling heavy footed onto a situation which would have her hung, drawn and quartered a century ago.

“Just get out of here Gwen, you are to report to Ceredigion and security at RAF Blaenanerch have been notified that you are arriving tomorrow morning sharply” Jack spoke tersely before ignoring her and walking back up to his office, slamming the door shut

Gwen made an aborted move to follow him, but Ianto grabbed hold of her wrist

“Leave him alone Gwen, and we shall see you in a week” Handing off the file with the flight tickets and all the information.

“I will drop round the ticket for Rhys and extra bits that he needs in the morning” Ianto smiled, a fake smile and turned away, walking up the stairs to Jack’s office, opening then closing the door behind him, leaving no-one else in the main area except for her and Myfanwy.

Gwen stared in surprise with no small amount of disgust and anger, before collecting the gadgets that Ianto had supplied and walking out of the cog door, going home even though it was only 3pm and telling Rhys about the trip to Iceland to see a volcano. (I will have him some day, and we will have lots of girl babies and a mansion, and Ianto would be dead along with Rhys) Gwen thought darkly before submerging herself in the sunlight bouncing off the water as she walked along the dockside.


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