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Fic: Add One Gwen and One Volcano with a pinch of obsession you’ll make a delicious situation. 2/2

Title: Add One Gwen and One Volcano with a pinch of obsession you’ll make a delicious situation. PART 2/2
Rating:  R
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Rhys/OMC (pre-slash)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from either Universe's. Includes merchandise, franchise, collector items, Characters etc.
Summary: “Of course I will do anything for you”
Warning: Gwen Bashing.

A/N: Written for the cooper Vs volcano challenge for AGA. Un beta-ed.


Traveling to Ceredigion from Cardiff was a bumpy and long ride, especially as Gwen was the one driving because Rhys was too excited to even sit still for long, and had been non-stop chatting since 6am when Ianto had dropped the extra ticket with a few more provisions and a thick wooly coat that felt very warm and very luxurious, Rhys had actually squealed and hugged Ianto, startling a smile out of the stoic Welshmen, and then the two proceeded to talk in very fast welsh, that even Gwen had trouble picking up.

Last thing she heard was “canfod 'ch a Jack am rugby 'n gyfnesaf wythnos” before she quickly hurried out of the bathroom where she had been doing her make-up that of course makes her look gorgeous and the shades that Jack reacted to the most; orange.

“Hun, that was Ianto, he was just drooping off the extra things. I’m so excited this is the first time I’ve been out the country and Iceland has a rich history, plus I get to join you at work.” Rhys rambled on, not even taking note that she was fully naked and trying to get onto Rhys lap as he was sitting on the bed. Gwen finally huffed and just blindly launched herself at him, but at that point he had got up, so she landed squarely on the bed in a tangle of arms, legs and bed sheets.

“Hun, come on its 2h30m to get to Ceredigion and we’re suppose to be there at 10am for the de-briefing” Rhys intoned as he was reading from the file from Ianto.

Gwen growled and got up, putting on some warm jumpers and very expensive Antarctic jacket that she made Rhys buy for her yesterday. Finally getting all her stuff ready including some extra’s that she can have some fun with on the plane there. As they were packing up, Rhys had finally stopped for a breath and that’s when Gwen jumped in

“What were you and Ianto talking about?”

“I told you before Ianto and I used to live next door to each other, but I was a football lad and he was a rugby lad, but since banana left Wales to live with his long-term partner in Scotland, I’ve decided to take on Rugby, and that’s where I met Ianto playing and Jack watching, we sometimes go to the pub all together” Rhys said as they were walking down the stairs to the car. Gwen stopped in mid-flight and in a high-pitch voice shrilly asked

“You go to the pub together?”

“Yes, with the team of course. It’s laughable I ever was jealous over Jack because he was good-looking and he was working with you. He is so enamored with Ianto, didn’t even realize that girls were trying to hit on him, but I digress we have to get moving, it’s already 7.15am” Rhys stopped at the bottom of the stairs and stared up at Gwen with love in his eyes.

Gwen was stuck in a freeze moment, unable to get pass that Jack goes and sees Ianto playing, and she could have gone along this whole time, trying to get into Jacks arms while Ianto is away.

Cariad” This brought her out of her thoughts and she continued walking, kissing Rhys on the cheek and heading to pack up the car.

A tap at the window knocked her out of her revere. Rhys was already winding down the glass before she could stop him, fearing an international incident; Gwen closed her eyes and just wished that Jack was with her instead.

“Hello, we’re here to meet with Lt. Commander Alonso for a meeting at 10am, I’m Rhys Cooper and this is my wife Gwen Cooper from Torchwood” Rhys spoke with no boyish affliction or any tomfoolery, he was speaking as if he spoke to militant figures all the time. Gwen was raging inside, he had inferred that he was the leader of this not her.

“Actually I’m from Torchwood and my husband is tagging along for the ride” Gwen spoke in a pompous manner, because nobody made her second in this team.

“Okay, I have you here on the checklist; you’re free to go in. Parking is next to the central command house, about 5mins ahead and the 2nd left. The guards will direct you to the room, here is your pass, Mr.  Jones sent us your photographic identity this morning” The guard in his red UNIT cap and black uniform, handed over security badges and car pass.

“Thank you very much” Rhys smiled and clipped on the badge, and Gwen just stepped her foot on the pedal without even saying thank you.

“Don’t say anything, unless they ask you something. I’m from Torchwood here, not you. I’m the leader not you” Gwen growled out as she parked next to a blue corsa, in front of the main building. Getting out of the car, she pinned her badge onto her jeans and looked up, it was a beautiful white mansion, with a manicured garden. Walking into a glossed wood reception hall, with beautiful grand stairs spiraling up and chandeliers sparkling from the ceilings

(This is exactly the house me and Jack will get) Gwen thought in awe

Rhys had moved up behind her and said in a loud voice which slightly echoed in the large hall

“Hmmm, this looks like the same mansion that was in 28days later, creepy”

A laugh sounded, before a figure stepped out from the room next to stairs

“That’s what I said, but no-one really laughed with me” this figure was wearing a UNIT cap and black uniform, and stood with a slouch, with a really young face and slight sticking out ears, with a massive grin on his face, he approached them both.

“How could they not it’s a zombie classic!” Rhys laughed back

“Could we speak to the Lt. Commander, we’re from torchwood. I didn’t even realize that UNIT hired so young. Aren’t your mum and dad worried about you being out so late” Gwen said with a sympathetic smile, and looked like she was going to pat the UNIT officer on the head.

“Mrs. Gwen Cooper, I am the Lt. Commander Alonso. And it would do you well to not make assumptions until you know the facts” Alonso said with a dark voice, Rhys went red with embarrassment.

“You’re so young though, did you know someone in UNIT that could make up your rank” Gwen barreled ahead, still mostly day-dreaming about a life with Jack. Rhys took over quickly

“I think she’s just tired from the journey, shall we start on the meeting” Alonso started walking back into the room he came from, motioning them to follow him

“Yes we will, I have breakfast in the meeting room ready. The transport will be ready to take us at 1200hundred hours, and we have a bit of groundwork, Mr. Cooper even though you are a civilian, Mr. Jones has arranged for your security clearance to be that of Torchwood level and have signed you on as a paid grunt man, so you will be assisting us on this case. Mr. Jones states also that you haven’t had any weapon training, but we can allow you to use an EM pulse stun weapon.”

Alonso opened the last set of connecting doors, into the hustle and bustle of a command room. This room filled with wall screens and gadgets, as well as people who were in UNIT uniform, speaking on headsets and looking at computers that were completely made of glass. Rhys couldn’t stop looking round, while Gwen was rolling her eyes at his awe and trying to stop him from embarrassing Torchwood, not even thinking for a tiny fraction of a moment that it was her that was embarrassing them.

“We have all the cast study and reports from 1823, read up on them and then we can get going. Any questions just ask, and foods on the table help yourself” he spoke before walking over to another UNIT man and taking over the headset, speaking in another language.

--- On military transport ---

“This is so fun” Rhys said, over the turbulence and the extreme rattling that was their plane, staring at her with an excited smile

“Rhys, shut-up. You don’t know anything” Gwen snapped back, huffing as he and Alonso had almost acted like best friend on site, dismissing how Alonso kept touching and cuddling into Rhys while he just smiled in a small shy way, they were not paying her any attention especially as she was the Torchwood operative and has way more experience then the rest of them put together. (I will get my day, and they will be sorry)Gwen thought with a sardonic smile.

--- Iceland Base Markarfljót ---

“Its freezing” Gwen said, her teeth chattering, they were standing inside a large tent that was full of equipment and a large table with a map of the volcanic area. Alonso was standing round the table pointing at certain places on the map with a few other soldiers.

“Common Gwen it’s not that cold, but it will be freezing the higher up we go on the volcano” Rhys intoned back to her, you could see in his face that he was getting annoyed. Gwen quickly thought up a plan to get back into his good books, (can’t have him mad at me, otherwise it would look suspicious if he wasn’t around anymore) Gwen thought before walking over and cuddling up next her hubby, kissing him on the cheek.

“I’m sorry Cariad. Just a bit stressed, and I was thinking, that maybe we could try for a baby when we get back” Gwen said, making sure her voice was sweet and loud, so everybody could hear what she said, never noticing the others rolling their eyes, or Rhys face going into a pained expression, before he schooled it into a loving smile.

“Really” Rhys had affection in his voice

Gwen just nodded, and curled herself more into him. Until Alonso called them over to the map, she let go of Rhys and went bounding over, with a grin on her face. Her head full of plans of what she would do when she got home, playing the grieving widow and maybe picking up a few men who would hurt her for a price and she can cry on Jack’s shoulder as he got protective because of her spiraling health.

“There is more purple smoke rising, and we have found the entrance. We have no time to prepare; we have to go in now. Someone will hand Rhys the stun weapon as protection, and these are special devices which can block out the heat and cold to a safe level for 20minutes maximum. Let’s head to the trucks. We must not fire on the ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘they are a peaceful race, we are to astatine if they need help” Alonso shouted out his orders as they were all gearing up. Making there way towards the truck ready for them, Rhys kissed Gwen on the lips

Cara 'ch” he mumbled against her lips, before separating himself and sitting where a soldier pointed him to.

‘Ch 'n fud ffola” Gwen mumbled back before she was pointed to a seat opposite Alonso, who scowled at her before calling out orders to go.

--- Magma Chamber ---

Gwen was lying on dirt covered floor, blood pooling around her, her vision was all blurry but could still make out some images and sounds around her. Gwen could still hear the screams of soldiers and aliens around her, the ground shaking in preparation of the volcano erupting. The heat coming from the floor was both a blessing and a curse as well as it was getting hotter, Gwen could feel her body over heating, red heat marks exploding all over her, the oval device she had in her pocket slowly depleting in energy, the force she had around her getting smaller and smaller, her feet felt like they were burning down to the bone. (And its’ all because of Rhys, the great oaf if only he had stayed where I put him, his sacrifice would mean that I could have had a better life) Gwen thought as she went back to the moment of when they all entered the chamber….

 “Right remember, that this is a peaceful mission, we’re just going to ask them a few questions, and maybe help them, we have our resident technician who is familiar with the ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘ ship specifications and has a few items that could help them, if they need. So I repeat that this is a rescue and peaceful mission, lets go in”

The UNIT soldiers nodded, and even Rhys saluted in respect to the tone Lt. Commander used. Gwen walked in with Rhys behind her, and Alonso next to her. The chamber it self was dark, but with a glowing purple light and the heat was unbearable, they all activated the small silver oval device and the relief of a cool wash running over them was exhilarating. Gwen raised her gun up when a scuttling noise was heard in front of them, Alonso pushed down her gun with an angry expression.

“Hello, I am Lt. Commander Alonso we are on a peaceful seeking mission from UNIT, and wanted to talk to your commander” Alonso shouted out into the darkness

“I am their commander; it is nice to meet you Commander Alonso” The chamber lit up instantly, Gwen didn’t hold in her surprise, it was a massive cave with hard rock hanging down from the ceiling, a ship was right in front of them, sliver sleek and looked near exact replica of the starship enterprise from star trek generation.

A movement to their left had Gwen turning quickly and raising her gun again, Alonso growled lowly and took it off her. The ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘commander looked near exactly like a human from Africa, except the pure black eyes and the white glittered hair.

“Nice to meet you too” Alonso started before the Alien raised its hand (6 fingers, ewwww) thought Gwen

“We know why you’re here, we are a telepathic race and can hear your surface thoughts, we would very much like assistant in repairing, we are only about a 2 of your earth hours away from completing, but just missing a courtesan star to power the last hydromantic engine” The alien said, Gwen could feel everybody calming as the waves of relaxation coming from the alien relaxing everyone but her, it made her more weary.

“Whatever you’re doing, stop it. Your mind control won’t work on me as I’m above it” Gwen shouted out grabbing the stun weapon off Rhys before he could stop her and pointing it at the ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘.

“Gwen, stop it” “Mrs. Copper, STOP” Alonso and Rhys both shouted out at the same time.

The alien raised his hands and showed the universal sign of peace, but Gwen didn’t read up on it as she was too above reading some lowly paper and that Jack had always told her she was the greatest and his second-in-command. The universal signal of peace was the raise both your hands and show palms up before making a clap without noise with your appendages.

Gwen fired her gun all the while thinking that she would get a commendation for this and maybe even money for saving the human race.

A split second later the alien screamed, a pure ear shattering cry of pain, white tears streaming out of his eyes, which was quickly followed by the other members of his species coming out of the ship. Gwen ignored the pain in her ears and before anybody could stop her she shot at the damaged ship with the stun weapon, somehow shorting out the main circuitry and causing the one working hydromantic engine to collapse in its self.

“Get out of here, the chamber is going to come down” Alonso was shouting orders, Rhys grabbing hold of her arm, screaming nonsense at her, trying to make her come. It was pure mayhem, the aliens trying to create a telepathic shield over the ship to stop it destroying half the world, the soldiers running about trying to get the aliens out and helping with placing their own shielding device around the edge, everybody was running about. (No-one would notice if Rhys somehow died in this) Gwen manically thought, already day dreaming about the money she would get and Jack.

Gwen pushed him away and as he tripped and fell onto his back, she grabbed a gun which had fallen to the floor in a panic and pointed it at Rhys, her foot resting on his chest to keep him down, his eyes looking up at her in horror and sadness

“No-one will miss you, I will get a medal, money and Jack will crawl to get me. But for all this to happen I need you to die, its better this way, you will die a heroes death and not have to know you were beneath me in status and intelligence 'Ch 'n fud ffola” Gwen laughed and had the mad glint in her eyes

“I thought you loved me, we were going to try for a baby” Rhys whimpered, tears glinting in his eyes

“I only loved you so I could have someone to wait hand and foot on me and spend their money on me, why would I ruin my figure with a baby, especially after all the men I’ve slept with say they love my body” Gwen smirked “Goodbye Rhys” she pulled back her arm into a shooting stance, before 3 shots rang out.

Gwen’s body jerked 3 times before slumping on the floor, the gun falling from her grip as she squeezed the trigger, hitting not her intended but an oval device that was helping to stabiles the ship.

“We must get out of here, we manage to contain the ship but it’s not going to stop it from blowing, we need to get out. It’s going to explode” Alonso was heard shouting, Gwen could see him pulling up a still stunned Rhys and rushing him out.

A massive explosion rang out, causing the ship to disintegrate into the ground, hot molten lava seeping up to feel the magma chamber. A hand grabbed her arm and dragged her out, she could see the ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘sealing the entrance so magma would only go up not out the sides.

Gwen could feel the series explosions through the ground, she could just make out Alonso comforting Rhys, rocking him gently and kissing his forehead, as Rhys cried and snuck his face into Alonso neck.

Gwen was outraged, this wasn’t suppose to happen (I will get my revenge, whatever it takes, hope the volcano destroys you all) this was her last thought as the Commander of ‘Fawn Dell Maibalz‘ reached over and whispered in her ear before closing her eyes in death

“This was all your fault, you pathetic ant”

E/N canfod 'ch a Jack am rugby 'n gyfnesaf wythnos = See you and Jack at Rugby next week.

         Cara ‘ch = I love you

         'Ch 'n fud ffola = you dumb fool

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