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fic: A spirit called Gwen

Title: A spirit called Gwen
Rating: PG
Pairing: -
Genre: Humor, Poetry
Warnings: Gwen bashing, a Drabble
Summary: Volcano's are rarely happy
Disclaimer: If I did I would, but I don't so i can't. So nothing belongs to me.

A/N; This is for the Cooper v Volcano challenge for AGA. Just a bit of poetry I did while I was cleaning my house.


Once upon a time there was a spirit called Gwen,

Who threw a temper tantrum on top of a volcano.

Now this volcano was not a happy volcano,

In fact it was named the meanest name that ever existed; Eyjafjallajökull.

As Gwen raged on and on because she couldn’t get her way

The others namely Tosh, Ianto and Owen were watching it from the heavens

Urging Jack to finish up and watch the messy event that was to unfold.

As the days wore on and the human world closing down its air-space

Jack had just started to sit down next to the others with a bag of popcorn.

When the volcano became so incensed that in one breath,

Gobbled up the spirit Gwen, reminding everybody that he did not appreciate being woken up,

And with that everybody cheered.




Tags: fic, team, torchwood

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